About Us

Welcome to Bubbas Potty Protection. We started this fun small family own company with one intent in mind! That is to make every community safer by giving you not only the best quality, but even greater satisfaction in our beloved product. These disposable toilet seat covers are all individually wrapped and come in a pack of 40. Each one is also equipped with four adhesive strips for no slips and cover all standard-sized toilet seats in the United States. They are portable and easy to carry on you or in your belongings. Our mission is to bring a positive change into our normal day-to-day lives. Whether it’s going to school, to work, to the mall with your friends, family members, or even enjoying a nice vacation! Everyone deserves to have Bubbas Potty Protection. So why wait?

Why Use Our Products?

All of our bathroom hygiene products are high quality and offer clean and disposable protection for you and your children. They are easy to use, easy to dispose of, and come individually wrapped. There are no better disposable toilet seat covers on the market, and we take pride in bringing all of our customers a quality product that provides them with a great experience.

Our Company President

President, Yeshua the 13th LLC. (Y13th)

Darryl J. McIntyre II

As President of Y13th, Darryl leads Bubbas Potty Protection to strategy, product offerings, and client services. A true visionary, Darryl builds upon the brand’s strong foundation and core offerings to drive growth and champion the company as an emerging powerhouse in the disposable toilet seat cover industry. He has extensive experience building strategic relationships with complex brands and believes in maximizing the benefits of partner relationships to create new opportunities for brand Bubbas Potty Protection and the company Y13th in the marketplace. For the last seven years of his 14-year career in hospitality, business management, sales, and advertising & marketing, Darryl has held key roles within each respective company to ensure growth year over year. Darryl launched Bubbas Potty Protection, on Amazon, Nov. 2020. Since its debut, Bubbas Potty has already reached over thousands of homes in the U.S., while building one relationship at a time with each individual customer, while also giving back to his local community here in Tampa Bay FL.

President and Founder of Bubba's Potty poses for promotional photo for toilet seat cover company.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions for us about our potty protection products? Well we are here to help and are happy to answer your questions! Please feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or you can give us a call at (470) 216-6129.