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Our family-owned and operated business allows us to offer quality and attention to detail like no other product. Our toilet seat covers are safe and effective, on top of being affordable and most importantly, EASY TO USE. 

Read more below about the experiences our customers have had with our potty protection product. 

S Burch. Potty Protection Testimonial

“I have always hated seat covers that fall in the toilet before you can even seat down ugh waste of time and so annoying but these toilet covers are the absolute best🤗🤗 very compact can fit a good amount in my purse to carry for convenience, never have to worry about it falling in the toilet YES love them. So many public restrooms don’t provide toilet covers so this gives you a sense of protection no matter where you are. Safe, good quality and worth every penny!! Give Bubba”s Potty pads a try you won’t be disappointed 🥰

Thomas Fleming Jr. - Toilet Seat Cover Testimonial

“I already love this product. In this world of germs how can I trust the public toilets? Now I’m armed with personal protection that fits in my pocket. I will be ordering even more so I’m always stocked up”

A Potty Protection Testimonial From AQ

“These are a huge convenience to parents when traveling! They are so easy to use. I will definitely be purchasing more!”

Shawnta Mitchell's Potty Protection Testimonial

“Great product to have on the go! Very useful when public places do not have covers! Great quality and I like the adhesive!”

Our Company President

President, Yeshua the 13th LLC. (Y13th)

Darryl J. McIntyre II

As President of Y13th, Darryl leads Bubbas Potty Protection to strategy, product offerings, and client services. A true visionary, Darryl builds upon the brand’s strong foundation and core offerings to drive growth and champion the company as an emerging powerhouse in the disposable toilet seat cover industry. He has extensive experience building strategic relationships with complex brands and believes in maximizing the benefits of partner relationships to create new opportunities for brand Bubbas Potty Protection and the company Y13th in the marketplace. For the last seven years of his 14-year career in hospitality, business management, sales, and advertising & marketing, Darryl has held key roles within each respective company to ensure growth year over year. Darryl launched Bubbas Potty Protection, on Amazon, Nov. 2020. Since its debut, Bubbas Potty has already reached over thousands of homes in the U.S., while building one relationship at a time with each individual customer, while also giving back to his local community here in Tampa Bay FL.

President and Founder of Bubba's Potty poses for promotional photo for toilet seat cover company.

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